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Covercraft Block-it 380 Fabric Swatches

  • All-Around General Protection fabric for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Features 3-Layer SFS fabric design for durable protection against dings and dents
  • Kimberly Clark Technology offers performance at a competitive price
  • Shrink and Stretch-Proof material for long-term use
  • Almost 50% Lighter in weight than similar covers
  • Easy Use and Removal
  • 3-Year Covercraft Warranty

This series is the newest film barrier fabric by Kimberly-Clark that offers stellar performance at a competitive price. It boasts a three-layer construction using a spun-bonding technique, sandwiching a film barrier in between the top and bottom layer, that serves as the strong protective layer. This layer filters out harmful pollutants such as dust and dirt particles, tree sap, bird drizzle, acid rain, and more.   The film barrier has microscopic holes that are smaller than droplets of water (and most dust particles). These holes stop water from passing through it, but allow any heat or moisture vapor to easily escape from under the cover.  Breathability is consistent with all covers made by Covercraft.  With a Covercraft product, there's never a worry of mold or mildew build-up on your vehicle's exterior.   At 3.2 ounces per square yard, the Covercraft Block-It 380 is about half the weight of the popular Noah fabric.  The Block-it 380 cover is covered by a 3-year Covercraft Warranty. 

Block-It 380 Fabric Swatch

Order Fabric Swatches for Block-it 380 Car Cover 

Not sure what fabric is right for you?  At Car Cover World, we understand just how important it is to get the right car cover for your situation. Especially when you're making a big investment, it is wise to take your time, research your options, and make an educated buying decision. One of the very best ways we've found to assist with this decision-making process is through our fabric swatch program. Order the swatches of the car cover fabrics you are interested in, and in just a few days we'll deliver them to your door.


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